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U-Turn Accident

A driver realizes he missed his turn and zips around a median or traffic island to head back the other way. This common occurrence seems on its face safe enough. But actually a U-turn is one of the most dangerous maneuvers a driver can make. The U-turn is considered a critical pre-crash event that contributes to about 4,300 accidents every year.

Berenson Injury Law has close to 40 years of experience handling complicated U-turn accident claims. Attorney Bill Berenson has been named a Fort Worth Magazine “Top Personal Injury Plaintiff’s Lawyer” and is a Life Member of the exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, testaments to his skills, professionalism and effectiveness. Bill also won the “Client Distinction Award” from Martindale-Hubbell based upon communications, ability, responsiveness, quality of service and value for money. We have the experience, knowledge and determination to recover the maximum possible damages for your U-turn crash.

Investigating a U-Turn Case

Who caused the crash? The U-turning driver is often, but not always, at fault. Even in cases in which the driver clearly was in the wrong, we must still offer evidence to prove our case in a court of law. For this reason, timely and thorough investigation is crucial to winning a U-turn crash claim.

Two primary factors that determine fault are whether the U-turn was legal at that intersection and whether the driver performed the U-turn safely. Berenson Injury Law meticulously examines these factors to prove the other driver’s liability. We first determine the laws governing the specific roadway where the crash occurred to determine legality of the turn in that particular spot. We also investigate impact angles to determine exactly what happened at the moment the vehicles came into contact.

We visit the scene to investigate clues as to fault. For example, did overgrown foliage block the view of the U-turning driver? Did the driver make the U-turn in a high traffic area or a location without a designated turn lane? Did the U-turn take place at a dangerous intersection? We then map out the turn scene to clearly demonstrate the events leading up to the crash. In addition to gaining insight into the cause of the accident, we often also locate cameras that have captured the accident on video.

Millions recovered for our clients over the past 40 years

Illegal U-turns in Texas

U-turns are typically legal in Texas except where a no U-turn sign is posted. However, the driver must follow the basic traffic laws regarding traffic signals, intersection turns and right of way. A police officer may ticket a driver for failing to yield or reckless driving at an intersection where a safely performed U-turn would otherwise have been legal.

An illegal traffic maneuver is prima facie evidence of fault, meaning the move likely contributed to the crash unless shown to be otherwise. Our accident attorney collects evidence that the driver broke the law and was, thus, responsible for the accident.

Unsafe U-turns

The U-turning driver has a duty to ensure the maneuver is done safely. In general, the U-turn driver has the responsibility for determining the coast is clear and that other drivers understand what he or she is doing. The U-turner must be able to see oncoming traffic and wait for traffic to clear, and so blaming poor street design or maintenance is not a valid defense. At an intersection, the U-turning driver must also watch for traffic that might be crossing over both lanes of traffic. Where there is no turn lane, the U-turning driver must be aware of blocking traffic coming from behind that could contribute to a rear-end collision.

Our accident attorney evaluates the conditions in which the U-turn was made. If the driver should not have made the turn at that moment, we hold him responsible for the damages he caused.

Recover for a Dallas-Fort Worth Accident Involving a U-Turn Driver

U-turn accidents are complicated. Berenson Injury Law has close to 40 years of experience in auto accident recovery and handling these types of complex claims. For assistance with your U-turn accident recovery, schedule a free consultation with Dallas-Fort Worth law office Berenson Injury Law.


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