Texas is a ridiculously dangerous place to drive.

    In Texas in 2010, car and truck wrecks injured and killed the following people.

  • 215,593 persons were injured — and another 3,023 people were killed
  • 1 crash occurred every 81 seconds
  • 44% of motorists who died were not restrained
  • 429 motorcyclists were killed and 56% of them were not wearing helmets
  • 354 pedestrians and 42 cyclists were killed
  • 1,075 people were killed where a driver was under the influence of alcohol
  • Hard to believe, isn’t it? But unfortunately, it may happen to you, even though you are a careful driver.If you have been injured in an collision, you may need to hire an attorney. This is especially true if you need help paying for your medical expenses and lost income. You may also want professional representation dealing with the other driver’s insurance company, as well as your own. By yourself, you will probably not receive fair compensation for your damages. Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of people who are not represented.

    I am proud to be one of the only attorneys in North Texas who ONLY handles automobile and truck collision cases. I have been doing this for approximately 32 years — 30 in the River Plaza Tower. I have been certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in the field of Personal Injury Trial Law since 1994 and started representing State Farm Insurance Company on my very first job when I graduated from law school many, many years ago. I believe that specializing in just these cases has given me an expertise that will work to your strong advantage.

    My job as a personal Injury attorney is to answer all of your questions, handle all contact with the insurance companies, work with your medical providers, and, recover as much money as I can for your injuries and damages, including compensating you for all past and future medical bills and lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, disfigurement, physical pain and mental suffering, and any other damages you may have suffered.

    These are many steps we take to help you, including investigating and documenting the accident, locating and interviewing witnesses, analyzing rules and regulations, reviewing insurance policies, working with doctors and therapists, communicating with insurance companies, gathering and reviewing medical records and bills, filing insurance claims, obtaining lost wage information, hiring expert witnesses, and negotiating a settlement or filing a lawsuit and litigating the case to itsconclusion.

    Please contact me at 817-885-8000 or email me at if I can help you recover the money you deserve. It’s the smart thing to do.