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Chances are you have personally come into contact with an irate driver, a common occurrence on Texas roadways. Road rage has grown exponentially in frequency and level of violence in recent years, and will likely not plateau any time soon. Even a brief encounter can be frightening. If the incident escalates, the vehicle driven by an angry motorist can become a deadly weapon. In fact, road rage is a factor in as much as 56 percent of traffic fatalities.

Attorney Bill Berenson has practiced automobile accident recovery law exclusively for almost four decades and has witnessed the increasing incidents of road rage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Berenson Injury Law represents the victims of these terrifying confrontations, including those who suffered serious injuries and those whose loved ones were tragically killed. We pursue justice against the angry driver and fight hard for the damages you are entitled to.

Road Rage is an Escalating Problem In Texas

A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 80 percent of drivers reacted with extreme rage while driving in some point in the past year. This incredible statistic demonstrates how angry drivers may react to each other to create a cycle of escalating violence. Road rage includes any aggressive conduct made toward another driver, including:

  • Tailgating on purpose
  • Purposefully cutting off another driver
  • Blocking a vehicle from changing lanes
  • Yelling at another driver
  • Making obscene gestures toward another driver
  • Honking the horn to express anger
  • Intentionally bumping or ramming into another car
  • Getting out of the car to confront the other driver

Some of these actions can cause a direct collision between the aggressor and the target. For example, you risk a rear-end collision if you need to slow for traffic and an angry driver is tailgating you or you might not be able to stop in time to avoid hitting a driver that whipped into your lane. In addition, you may lose control of your vehicle while your attention is focused on the enraged driver.

Guns and Road Rage in Texas

Alarmingly, gun use during a road rage incident has drastically increased, further contributing to the deadly nature of a road rage encounter. 620 road rage incidents involving firearms were reported in 2017, double the amount form just two years prior. Several roadway shootings resulted in deaths and injuries in the Dallas-Fort metro area.

Millions recovered for our clients over the past 40 years

What To Do If You Are the Target of Road Rage

Although all too common, encountering a road rage incident is nonetheless a terrifying ordeal. What you do in that moment could change the outcome.

First, do not respond to the angry driver. You could escalate the situation by doing so.

Second, stay clear. Do not pull up alongside the driver at a stoplight and, if possible, let the driver move far ahead in traffic. You may consider pulling off an exit and into a well-lit populated area if safe to do so. Your goal is to put as much space between you and the irate driver as you can.

Call 911 and report the incident. If you can safely obtain a description of the vehicle and driver, the license plate number, direction of travel and other identifying information, you can help police stop the driver.

Pursue your legal rights. Law enforcement is cracking down on aggressive drivers. More of these incidents are being prosecuted as serious crimes and perpetrators are receiving long jail sentences. While the case is prosecuted in the criminal courts, you should also pursue your rights to damages in the civil courts. Your claim may be eligible for punitive damages because the irate driver acted with gross negligence.

Recover Damages for Injuries You Sustained in a Dallas-Fort Worth Road Rage Crash

Schedule a free consultation with Berenson Injury Law to discuss your right to recovery from the angry driver who confronted you. We take your road rage claim on contingency, so you do not pay our attorneys’ fees until we recover damages on your behalf.

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