Negotiating Reduction Medical Bills in Texas

Our Firm Protects Your Financial Wellbeing After a Dallas-Fort Worth Accident

More than 30,000 people are killed each year in vehicular accidents. Hundreds of thousands more require emergency room treatment and rehabilitation for serious injuries. Costs of medical care and lost work opportunities were estimated to be $44 billion nationwide, a price tag that shows no signs of declining amidst our skyrocketing health care costs.

After an accident, you often have no choice about which hospital to go to or who is your treating physician. You certainly do not want to decline vital treatment because you cannot afford it. At any rate, you likely had no idea how expensive your care was until you received a bill. If your medical care could lead to debt or financial difficulties, Berenson Injury Law may be able to help.

We can often negotiate a reduction in medical bills while we negotiate for the maximum possible insurance payout and damages from an at-fault driver. Therefore, more of the money you recover from your insurance company or through litigation goes to you instead of the hospital and doctors.

What Are the Costs of an Auto Accident in Texas?

3,500 people were killed in traffic crashes in Texas in 2013. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the total costs of these traffic-related fatalities to be $4.89 billion, which includes $37 million in medical treatments and $4.85 billion in the earnings those who died would have earned.

The costs of medical treatment for survivors depend upon the type and severity of injury, with spinal cord and head injuries topping the scale. People living with disabilities should expect to pay tremendous costs for their lifetime of care and comfort after the initial high expenses of treatment and rehabilitation.

A 25 year-old person who sustains a spinal cord injury could pay between $1,578,274 and $4,724,181 over a lifetime. The lifetime costs of treating traumatic brain injury is estimated to be between $85,000 and $3 million, which doesn’t account for lost earnings and other associated damages.

These figures demonstrate the financial hardship that a traffic accident can have on your family. At a time when you or your loved one cannot work, medical bills begin to pile up.

Adding to the challenges, patients are being charged higher out of pocket costs not covered by either auto insurance or health insurance. This could translate into higher costs to you after a crash.

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How Your Medical Bills Are Paid

Texas law requires all drivers to carry the minimum liability limit of insurance. The basic 30/60/25 coverage has not changed in decades even as health care costs have risen dramatically. The costs of care after even a relatively minor accident can quickly exceed the $30,000 per injured person and $60,000 for all injured people in a single accident. If you have other sources of insurance, these policies are generally layered so you receive the full benefit of each. You may also be entitled to additional compensation from the at-fault driver. Your medical bills are generally paid by:

  • Your liability auto insurance policy
  • Your no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) insurance
  • Uninsured/ underinsured motorists insurance
  • Your health insurance policy
  • Damages from a lawsuit against an at-fault driver

Even if you are an otherwise frugal person, the health care system is set up to discourage realistic price shopping and up-front negotiating. You may not be in a position to be taken to another hospital because you are too badly injured or unconscious, and you are not in a position to decline the necessary medical tools, pharmaceuticals and services for which you will be billed. Even if you are at an in-network hospital, physicians and surgeons who care for you may be considered out of network on your health insurance plan.

Attorney Bill Berenson aggressively negotiates with hospitals, doctors, surgeons, specialists, physical therapists and others who participated in your medical care. Our goal is to prevent you from acquiring debt and to put more money in your pocket to pay your future expenses and to compensate you for the effect the accident has on your quality of life.

Reduce Your Medical Bills After a Crash

Berenson Injury Law negotiates with medical providers to reduce expenses after an accident. To learn more about this helpful tactic, schedule a free consultation with our Dallas-Fort Worth auto accident attorney at 817-885-8000 or schedule your appointment online. We represent you on contingency.


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