Running around the entire world, one marathon at a time

I’m proud to have been named as a runner-up for top Master’s (over 40 years old) runner in North Texas for the third year in a row by Cline’s Running Corner (the only web site here that covers area running).

Running around the entire world, one marathon at a timeFort Worth lawyer Bill Berenson travels the world one marathon at a time.

bill berenson

As a personal injury attorney, Bill Berenson works a mile a minute, and as an accomplished long-distance runner, he has set a marathon pace not too far from that standard.Lawyering is his livelihood. Running is his life. Last year, Berenson met his goal of 50 by 60, running a marathon in every state by his 60th birthday, something he accomplished in 10 years.More impressive still is that he has qualified for the Boston Marathon in 40 of those 50 marathons. Please click here to read article available here.

After finishing an “uplanned” first marathon, Bill Berenson went on to finish one in every state (Cline’s Running Corner)

Bill Berenson never thought he’d run one marathon — let alone one in every state.

When he reached 40, he registered for the Cowtown Half, planning to stop at mile 13, which was near his residence. He kept going and finished the 26.2-mile distance and thought he was “one and done.” Click here to read the full article

Marathon goal achieved: Fort Worth attorney Bill Berenson completed a marathon in all 50 states before he turned 60. Berenson achieved his goal by completing the Nov. 16 Potomac River Run Marathon in 3 hours, 36 minutes. He placed fourth overall out of the 76 finishers and earned a qualifying time for the 2016 Boston Marathon.-Dallas Morning News, Sports section, Debbie Fetterman.

Dallas Morning News Profile

Bill Berenson

Just Ran My 50th Marathon In My 47th State!

I’m proud to have run my 50th marathon and achieve a goal I never thought I would reach. Saturday also marked my 47th different state as I attempt to complete another goal: 50 by 60. I will run races in North Dakota and New Jersey this fall, then finish my 50th state on the Potomac River in Maryland one week before I turn 60 in November. Most of the marathons (40) have been run in the last five years after I decided to see if I could complete this crazy dream. I had run in 10 states, with my first one as I was turning 50, wanting to get into better shape, and looking for a new hobby. On Saturday, it was very warm and humid at the start at 7 a.m. in a small town south of Kansas City. This was my third marathon in 27 days and I was naturally tired. And at the age of 59, I was almost the oldest person in the race. So I had plenty of excuses for not running well. You can imagine how thrilled I was to finish fourth in the race. This is how I looked early on, well before I almost passed out at the finish.

The Green Bay Marathon, My 46th State, Was Memorable

Running North Olympic Discovery Boston Marathon Lawyer Fort Worth (1)

This medal from my race on Sunday is so attractive that I wanted to post a photo here. The football even spins. The medal seems even more valuable because the Packers are such an iconic team. I’m not just talking about Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, and their two Super Bowl championships in 1997 and 2011. When I was a kid growing up in the 60’s, Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr, and Ray Nitschke were football gods. I was 13 when they beat the Cowboys in the classic “Ice Bowl” title game in a stunning -47 degree wind chill, then won Super Bowl II after winning SB I. Green Bay is the only non-profit team and is also owned by its fans. I have always appreciated that it never left its working class, tiny television market town and yet has the biggest, most dedicated fan base in the NFL.

Bill Berenson makes the most of his many marathons by racking up Boston Marathon qualifiers

For those people trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon – or just to run a little faster – you might want to consider the unorthodox but effective training schedule Bill Berenson, a 57-year-old injury attorney in Fort Worth, employs.

Bill ran seven Boston Marathon qualifying marathons in seven states in 10 months in 2011, averaging 3:32. He ended the year on a high note by PR’ing at the Rocket City Marathon in Alabama with a 3:25:36 (an age adjusted 2:52:37) to end the year with 23 consecutive BQs over the past three years.-Cline’s Running Corner

For the 2nd year in a row, I am honored to have been named one of the top 3 male masters (over 40 years old) runners in North Texas. I recently finished #1 in my age group out of 130 in the Cowtown 5K on 2/25 with a PR of 21:06.

As some of you may know, I have become an avid runner. On the chance that you are interested, here is some news about my races and why I run:

  • “Bill Berenson, 58, had planned his first trip to Israel, saw that there was a marathon scheduled in Tiberias around the beautiful Sea of Galilee, and ran a 3 25:38 on January 10. It is remarkable that 30 of his 40 races have qualified for Boston and that this was his fourth 3:26 or less in the past three months.”-Cline’s Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson, 58, of Fort Worth placed third out of 37 in his age division at the Rehoboth (Delaware) Seashore Marathon on December 8 by finishing in 3:24:30. It was Bill’s seventh marathon in nine months and of his past 20 marathons, he has placed in his age division 17 times. Congratulations, Bill!” -Cline’s Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson, 57, of Fort Worth continues to rack up his marathon count as he seeks to run one in each state. He ran the Clarence Demar Marathon in Keene, N.H., on Sept. 30 and finished in 3:26:02 and was third in the 50-59 age division. He was 25th overall of the 178 finishers as he posted another Boston Marathon qualifying time. This was his fifth marathon in six months.”-Clines Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson, 57, of Fort Worth completed his second marathon in the last 20 days and crossed off his 35th state in his quest to run a marathon in all 50. He finished the Charlevoix Michigan Marathon on June 23 and took third in his age division.” -Clines Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson nailed his 24th consecutive Boston Marathon qualifier at the Albany Georgia Marathon by running a 3:28:33 in a temperature of about 70 degrees, humidity at 100% percent (with rain and wind), and tornado sirens going off the night before and during the race. he finished 2nd in his AG.” -Cline’s Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson’s marathon successes continue to mount. Bill, 57, of Fort Worth ran a PR 3:25:36 at the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Ala., on Saturday (Dec. 11) to nail his 23rd consecutive Boston qualifying time in his 30th different state and his seventh in 10 months. He said he logged the PR despite the second half of the race being against a headwind and the chill factor at 22 degrees. Bill, who said he logs only about 30 miles a week, also took second in his age division.” -Cline’s Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson of Fort Worth continues to pad his list of consecutive Boston Marathon qualifying times. Bill, 56, of Fort Worth ran a 3:31.40 on a hilly marathon while fighting 30 mph gusty winds at Newport, R.I. It was his 22nd consecutive BQ and he placed third in his age division. It was his sixth different state this year and 29th overall.”-Cline’s Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson, 56, of Fort Worth placed third in the 55-59 age group at the Pocatello Marathon on Sept. 3. More important, though, is he stretched his Boston Marathon qualifying streak to 21 consecutive and ran his 30th overall. This was the attorney’s third Rocky Mountains marathon this summer, joining races also starting at over 6,000 feet in Utah and Colorado, and his fifth in seven months.”
  • “Bill Berenson, of Fort Worth, ran the Utah Valley Marathon last Saturday in three hours, 28 minutes, 8 seconds. It was his 20th consecutive Boston-qualifiying finish time in 20 states in 30 months.” -Dallas Morning News
  • “Bill Berenson of Fort Worth nailed his 20th consecutive Boston qualifying time on June 11 at the Utah Valley Marathon in Provo, Utah.” -Cline’s Running Corner
    Bill Berenson, 56, of Fort Worth completed his 25th marathon in a different state in his quest to run the 26.2-mile distance in all 50 states. He followed his previous PR with another one at the Tobacco Road Marthon in Cary, N.C., with a 3:28:12. It also was his 18th consecutive Boston qualifying time. -Cline’s Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson, 56, of Fort Worth set a PR at the Riverfront Race Festival Charleston Marathon on Jan. 15 with a 3:30:53, his 17th consecutive Boston Marathon qualifying time, good for second in his age division. He was 62nd among the 781 finishers and was in the top 8% of the race. It also was the sixth time he has placed in his age division in eight marathons within the past 11 months.” -Cline’s Running Corner
  • I am truly honored to have been named as runner up in the competition for the Best 2010 DFW Area Runner by the only DFW runner’s site, Cline’s Running Corner. It was an impressive list of lighting fast short distance racers and marathon winners to compete against, especially at my age.
  • “Bill Berenson of Fort Worth continues to log Boston Marathon qualifying times. Bill, who celebrated his 56th birthday on Nov. 23, ran the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov. 21 and finished in 3:36:25 his 8th Boston Marathon qualifier in eight states within the 10 months. He also is on a quest to run a marathon in all 50 states. He has 27 to go….” -Cline’s Running Corner
  • At the ING Hartford (Connecticut) Marathon on Oct. 9, Bill Berenson, 55, of Fort Worth had suffered a cracked rib the day before the marathon (though he didn’t know it was cracked at the time), but still ran a 3:39:34. He started out holding an ice bag on his chest, and still managed a third place in his age group and a 15th consecutive Boston Marathon qualifying time. He earned the Division Winner plaque (pictured below) for placing in the top three in his age group -Cline’s Running Corner
  • Bill Berenson, 55, of Fort Worth travelled to Anchorage, Alaska, on August 15 to run the Big Wild Life Marathon. He finished in 3:45:48.5, even though he was nursing an injured hamstring, and logged his 14th consecutive Boston Marathon-qualifying time in the past 18 months. Berenson placed second in his age division for the third time this year. He said he had to avoid an enormous moose and her calf during the run – that’s something you don’t see in Texas! -Cline’s Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson, 55, of Fort Worth celebrated Independence Day by running the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon in Portland, OR., and was rewarded with his fifth Boston Marathon-qualifying time, which he has posted in five states and within five months. He ran a 3:39:39, but that wasn’t the end of his activities. The race was on Sunday (July 4) and two days later he was skiing down Mount Hood in the morning and playing golf that evening in Washington.”-Cline’s Running Corner
  • “Bill Berenson, 55, of Fort Worth continues his amazing marathon feats despite logging only 25 miles a week. He ran his 12th consecutive Boston Marathon-qualifying time in 12 different states at the North Olympic Discovery Marathon in Port Angeles, Wash., on June 6. He ran a 3:38:45, his fourth BQ in the past four months. He said he has been trying to beat 3:30, but his hopes faded when he encountered ”two monster hills” at miles 16 and 20.”-Cline’s Running CornerBill Berenson running 10 marathons
  • Berenson nails 10 Boston Qualifiers in 10 different states (PDF)

Wisconsin Marathon Medal

Bill Berenson, a Fort Worth injury attorney, just accomplished his recordsetting goal of running 10 marathons in 10 different states fast enough to qualify for the 2010 Boston Marathon.

Berenson ran the final Gasparilla Marathon in Tampa, Fla., on Sunday (Feb. 28) and finished second in his age group with a time of 3:32:04. He BQ’d at the Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon six weeks ago, and at the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon just six weeks before that.

He somehow manages this demanding schedule while running only three days a week, 25 miles a week. He is clearly not a high mileage junkie.

For Berenson, who has lived in Fort Worth since graduating from SMU Law School 40 years ago, running not only keeps him “lean and mean” but gives him an exciting and competitive hobby. He says he is in the best shape of his life and loves how running makes him look and feel.

“I feel like I found the fountain of youth,” he said. “I can’t believe that I can keep up with, and even exceed, the young guys at TCU when I am running on the track or treadmill or lifting weights.”

However, he is new to long distance running and remembers struggling to finish a 10K in his 30s and 40s. But when he was turning 50, Berenson wanted a new challenge, so he ran an 8-mile leg of the Cowtown Marathon relay. Invigorated by the experience, he entered the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego in early June, which he ran in an impressive debut of 3:38. He was accepted on his first try into the New York City Marathon, where he excelled and was accepted into the Boston Marathon.

Berenson then began running two marathons a year, including the infamous 2007 race in Chicago that had to be canceled halfway through because of 90-degree heat, but he limped in with a 4:22 after severely cramping, then passed out in the finishing area.

His favorite of his 10 BQs was the Twin Cities, which began in downtown Minneapolis, wound its way around beautiful lakes with changing autumn leaves, crossed the Mississippi River, and finished in St. Paul in front of the state capitol, all in front of huge crowds.

Other favorites were in Missoula, Montana; Burlington, Vermont; and Washington, D.C (Marine Corps). The attorney also enjoyed running races in Saint Louis, Little Rock, and New Orleans. He flew over 20,000 miles in the process.

Berenson hopes to run a marathon in every state in the U.S by his 60th birthday. So far, he has knocked out 18 states, nine in the past 12 months. He also wants to run Berlin and London so he can complete the world’s major marathons as well as return to Boston as often as possible.

Berenson also serves on the Cowtown Marathon’s CALF (Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness) Council, has adopted the running club at the Rufino Mendoza Elementary School for the past five years, and supports other running causes.

  • I am pleased to organize the Tarrant County Bar Association 5K Team again. It is my goal to get as many members of our legal community walking or running the Cowtown 5K on February 26, 2011. There is no better way to stay healthy and thin, especially during the holidays.
  • I Loved Running the Boston Marathon!
  • Why I Run Marathons



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