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After an accident, most people are confused about what they should and shouldn’t do. Over the thirty years I’ve been handling vehicle accidents as a Fort Worth car injury lawyer, I’ve developed several guidelines to help clients through the legal process. Following these rules will help ensure that you are able the recover the full amount of compensation you deserve for your injury.

Common Mistakes That Could Hurt You and your Case

  • Failing to go to a doctor immediately after your accident.
  • Failing to hire an attorney within two years of your accident.
  • Giving recorded statements to anyone concerning your injury without first getting approval from your attorney.
  • Failing to tell your doctor about medical problems caused by the accident.
  • Discussing your accident with anyone other than your doctor and your attorney.
  • Giving incorrect statements to a doctor about prior injuries or accidents, if you don’t remember exactly how the injury occurred, say so.
  • Not seeing the doctor if you are in pain.
  • Not following your doctors instructions.
  • Failing to attend all scheduled doctors appointments.

Important Information to Give to a Car Injury Lawyer in Fort Worth

Address and Phone Number

  • Inform your attorney immediately of any change of address and/or telephone number or employment.

Detail Regarding vehicle Repair

  • If your vehicle was damaged, try to obtain pictures before you get it repaired. The pictures of your vehicle are a crucial part of settling your case. Try and take as many pictures as possible. Bring the film or digital media to my office and we will have it developed. I f you do not have a camera, please call us and we will make arrangements to take the pictures.


  • Give us any pictures and videos of the accident or accident scene that you or anyone else has taken for you. Photographs of the accident and injury help illustrate the severity of your accident to the insurance company.

Medical Bills

  • Make sure and send your Fort Worth car injury attorney all relevant medical bills as they come in. We cannot accurately assess your full damages unless we have an accurate account of your medical bills.

Information About your Job

  • Tell us of any changes in your job, job duties, salary or anything at your work that was affected by the accident.


  • Make sure and save all receipts itemizing any and all expenses you incurred as a result of your accident. Receipts must be date and state the vendors’ name. Keeping your receipts will allow you to be reimbursed for the expenses you’ve suffered as a result of the accident.

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Keep Detailed Records

It is very important to keep detailed records of the following:

  • Lost work time and wages.
  • Other expenses resulting from your injuries, i.e., transportation, home care, etc.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Your physical limitations.
  • Medical Bills.
  • Correspondence from any insurance company.

It is important to send these records to your attorney as soon as possible. These records will allow us to most accurately assess your damages, and will help prove to the insurance company the extent of your damages.

Always Follow Your Doctors Advice

It is extremely important to do what your doctor tells you. You should never miss a doctor’s appointment. Missing a doctors appointment says to the doctor and the insurance company that you are no longer hurt. Our job is to recover for you for the pain and suffering that can be proven. Insurance claims adjusters know that if you are hurt, you will go to your doctor for relief. The reverse is just as true: they assume that if you are not hurt, you will not see a doctor. Obviously, this is not always true, but a general rule of thumb is: the more times you have seen your doctor the more disabled he believes you to be ‑‑ and the higher your medical bills are ‑‑ the higher your monetary settlement from the insurance company will be later.

If you have been hurt in an accident contact me at (817) 885-8000. Car accidents are a confusing time and an experienced car injury attorney in the Fort Worth area can give you the peace of mind you need to help move on with your life. My staff and I can explain the legal process to you and help guide your through through this difficult time. I am a Board Certified Injury Attorney and exclusively handle automobile accidents. I have over thirty years of experience and will help you recover all of the damages you deserve.

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