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You may feel that our roads in Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, and all over North Texas are always under construction. You’re right. At any given time, our state roads are undergoing construction in more than 2,500 active work zones. This number does not include federal and local projects that constantly clog our highways and rural roads.

These numerous construction sites unfortunately can cause crashes and hurt a lot of people. Last year 25,713 crashes occurred in Texas construction zones which tragically caused 181 deaths, an incredible 27 percent increase from the previous year.

Berenson Injury Law successfully represents drivers who are injured and their families in wrongful death cases in construction site crashes here on Dallas-Fort Worth roads.

Our automobile accident lawyer has close to 40 years of experience helping individuals who have been injured in traffic related crashes. His skills in negotiating high settlements and convincing jurors to award high damages is evident in his inclusion in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Attorney Bill Berenson has also been named a top personal injury lawyer by numerous rating services.

Road construction companies are liable for hazards

Texas Department of Transportation regulations establish safe practices for controlling traffic in the construction zone. A company that fails to heed these important guidelines may be held responsible for resulting traffic accidents, including:

  • Failing to properly place flagmen, cones, barriers and warning signs to alert drivers to lane closures and safely merge drivers
  • Extending the construction zone into traffic without proper permits
  • Unsafely backing heavy equipment across or into the line of traffic
  • Leaving out construction materials which can fly through windshields or cause a vehicle to crash into another or spin out of control

Violation of a construction regulation is prima facie evidence of liability, which means that there is a presumption that the company acted negligently by disobeying the law. Mr. Berenson will obtain evidence and show that the construction company violated Texas regulations and that the violation resulted in the auto crash that caused your injuries.

Construction company liability may follow two theories. First, the company may be vicariously liable for the negligence of its workers. Second, the company may also have directly acted negligently by inadequately training its workers, deviating from construction zone laws, or following generally unsafe corporate practices.

Holding the company liable for your injuries is crucial after a serious construction zone crash because these businesses typically carry million dollar policies which will be necessary to pay huge injury and lost wage claims.


Millions recovered for our clients over the past 40 years

Drivers may be responsible for construction site related accidents

The two leading causes of fatal construction zone collisions were speeding and failure to drive in a single lane. Recognizing the unique dangers, Texas imposes specific traffic codes on construction zone driving. Speeding while workers are present, for example, can result in a ticket of up to $2,000. A driver may be held liable for such negligent conduct as

  • Speeding through the construction zone
  • Failing to notice the stopped or slowed cars ahead
  • Failing to yield to motorists merging out of a closed lane
  • Not looking before merging into an adjoining lane
  • Weaving impatiently in and out of traffic
  • Texting or talking on the phone or another distraction
  • Tailgating your vehicle
  • Responding to agitation with road rage

Injuries to construction workers

Barriers offer little protection from the cars driving by at top speeds.

Texas’s Move Over/ Slow Down Law requires motorists to either change lanes or reduce speed when approaching a worker, work truck or work zone. No matter the original speed limit, the driver must reduce his speed to at least 20 mph, unless the posted speed limit is 25 mph in which case speed is reduced to 5 mph.

Lowered speed limits, lane closures, construction barriers and visible warning signs protect construction crews from negligent motorists. However, these precautions are often not enough. Even if you are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, you may also have a third party claim against the driver. For some uncovered contractors, suing the driver may be the best opportunity for recovery of compensation.

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