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You’re driving down the highway when from out of nowhere, a car is headed straight at you! Because of the combined speeds of the vehicles, you have only seconds to react. It’s every driver’s worst nightmare.

A collision with the wrong way driver is almost always catastrophic, and even a near miss is a terrifying experience you may never forget.

The unexpected nature of wrong way collisions and the speed of the vehicles – often fueled by alcohol or drugs — make this type of crash the most deadly.

Berenson Injury Law concentrates exclusively on auto and truck accident cases and has the resources and experience to assist drivers in complex wrong way crash claims.

Bill Berenson has close to 40 years of legal experience, almost exclusively in the field of personal injury. He is a lifetime member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and has been a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Attorney since 1994. He graduated from SMU Law School in Dallas in 1979 and has practiced in Fort Worth since that time, almost entirely at the same location on University Drive in the West Bend Tower.

Our law firm provides compassionate, aggressive representation to help you recover the maximum damages for you after a wrong way crash injured you or killed your loved one.

Head-On Accidents are Most Deadly

An average of 237 wrong way crashes occur in Texas every year. While this figure represents only a small fraction of overall accidents, wrong way crashes are particularly serious because more than half of the accidents are fatal. Head-on collisions account for just two percent of all accidents, but 10 percent of fatal crashes. Occupants who survive a head-on collision are usually severely injured.

Physics explains why head-on crashes are the most deadly. When two vehicles hit head on, the force of impact equals the speed travelled by both vehicles. In addition, you have far less time to respond upon detecting the vehicle coming toward you. If you were travelling at 50 mph, you would come in contact with another automobile travelling at the same speed twice as quickly as to a stationary object.


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How Wrong Way Crashes Happen

Wrong way driving occurs when a driver travels in the wrong direction, usually because she entered a highway via the exit ramp or crossed over a median into oncoming lanes of traffic. Often, the driver has passed numerous signs that should have warned her she was headed the wrong way, but failed to notice because of intoxication, exhaustion, inattention or confusion.

Alcohol and drugs cause most wrong way crashes. About 50 percent of wrong way crashes involved a drunk driver and four percent involved a drugged driver. Commonly, the driver’s blood alcohol concentration far exceeds the legal limit.

Going hand and hand with the alcohol and drug use, 72 percent of wrong way crashes occur at night, with most between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., spiking after 2 a.m. This time period corresponds with prime drunk driving hours, and also contributes to confusion, tiredness and poor visibility of sober drivers who might fail to see warning signs or nod off at the wheel.

Texas DOT Wrong Way Prevention

In an effort to reduce wrong way crashes, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has installed new technology on some Dallas-Fort Worth highways. Sensors detect when a driver is travelling in the wrong direction and trigger flashing wrong way signs. Some highways contain bright LED lights to warn drivers who are about to enter the exit ramp.

In the future, sensors could connect to law enforcement that can respond by sending a patrol car immediately to the scene. These steps can effectively stop wrong way drivers before they cause a head on collision.

Berenson Injury Law advocates for these types of traffic safety measures to create long-range solutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

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