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An auto accident often causes a heavy financial burden. Even a relatively minor crash can cost you several days’ wages and expensive medical bills. A more serious crash can result in disabilities that permanently interfere with your ability to earn a living, require extensive medical care and change your life forever. Recovery of your rightful damages can make all the difference in minimizing this financial stress and getting your life back on track.

Fort Worth car injury attorney Bill Berenson has more than 40 years of experience proving complex damages awards to recover the maximum possible settlement or verdict. He is a lifetime member of the Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum, an organization that admits only lawyers who have won multi-million dollar recoveries.

Although not an exhaustive list, below are common damages we may seek in your claim.

Lost Earnings

Did your injuries keep you from working? If so, you are entitled to recover your lost wages. You may also be entitled to vacation time and sick leave that you used to recover from your accident injuries or to obtain accident-related treatment. In addition to traditional jobs with W2 earnings, we also assist business owners, independent contractors and other non-traditional earners in accurately calculating what you would have earned had you not been injured in a car crash.


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Diminished Future Earning Capacity

Your right to lost earnings extends into the future. Permanent disabilities may interfere with your ability to ever return to your job or to work to your full capacity. We assist you in collecting necessary medical documentation to prove that your disability interferes with your ability to perform your job. A car injury lawyer in Fort Worth can consult with economists and industry professionals to determine the extent of losses you will incur for the remainder of your working life.

Medical Bills

In most car accident cases, medical bills account for the largest portion of recoverable damages — no surprise considering the skyrocketing costs of medical care. We recover damages for ambulatory services, emergency room visits, diagnostic tests, surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, doctors, specialists, chiropractors and other “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses.

In addition to calculating the medical bills you have already incurred, we also estimate your future medical costs based upon your doctors’ conclusions as to a “reasonable medical probability” that you will need certain treatments in the future.

Serving victims in Fort Worth and beyond, our car injury attorney negotiates with your hospitals, doctors and rehabilitative clinics for a reduction in your bills so you are not saddled with debt after the crash and you personally receive more of the money recovered in your settlement.

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Pain and Suffering and Mental Anguish

Pain, suffering and mental anguish are perhaps the most challenging consequences of a car crash, and yet can be the most difficult to concretely value. A definitive meter to measure pain and suffering does not exist. Instead, evidence of your pain and suffering might include your pain reliever medications, doctors’ notes and your own testimony.

You are also entitled to damages for your mental anguish over your diminished quality of life and for your psychological response to the crash. For example, you may no longer be able to run, carry your groceries or play games with your children. You might now feel fear every time you get into a car, severely limited your independence. You deserve compensation for all of these adverse changes to your life.

Disfigurement and Scarring

You are entitled to damages for scars and disfigurement resulting from your car accident. In consultation with plastic surgeons, our attorney documents your treatment plan and the level of permanent disfigurement. Insurance companies place a higher value on more noticeable scars, and so we take high quality photographs to demonstrate the full impact of the scarring on your appearance.

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