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Steroid Injections and Other Treatments Without Surgery

Surgery is not always necessary to treat serious auto crash injuries. This welcome news can soon be tempered by an insurance company’s reluctance to pay for effective non-surgery treatments.

Berenson Injury Law is ready to fight for your access to the medical care your doctors recommend. Our firm has focused entirely on auto accident recovery for close to four decades. We regularly negotiate complicated injury claims against difficult insurance defense attorneys to reach the maximum possible settlement. We also often negotiate for reduction in medical bills that exceed insurance policy limits, an issue that has become more common as medical costs have skyrocketed while mandatory insurance limits have remained stagnant.

Cortisone injections offer pain relief and reduction in swelling

Corticosteroid injections have become common practice in auto accident injury treatment. Cortisone is a hormone naturally produced by the body’s adrenal gland. Doctors may inject the synthetic version of this steroid into the site of an injury to relieve pain and reduce inflammation of the affected area.

Patients often prefer this minimally invasive procedure to surgery or pharmaceuticals for pain management. The procedure takes very little time and can be done in a doctor’s office. The steroid is injected directly into the patient’s inflamed joint or muscle, such as the neck, back, knee, shoulder, wrist, or elbow, to bring immediate relief without causing the potential side effects associated with oral pain relievers.

Non-surgical treatment to reduce scarring

Scars are a devastating long-term reminder of a terrifying accident that can cause physical, emotional, and psychological damage. Scars that form over joints and muscles may impede physical mobility and movement and create pain and discomfort. The appearance of visible scars may also lead to social withdraw, depression, and anxiety. Fortunately doctors may be able to reduce scarring using a variety of non-surgical techniques.

Your doctor may inject corticosteroid into the scar tissue to reduce its size. The steroid breaks the collagen fiber bonds that form into scar tissue and brings down the inflammation that causes redness and swelling.

Prescription topical ointments can also reduce the size and color of smaller scars. These topical medications are particularly effective on clean scars, such as those made with a surgical instrument.

In addition, your doctor could prescribe laser or radiation treatments to minimize the appearance of scars. These treatments are often used on larger keloid scars that have not responded sufficiently to steroid injections and topical solutions.

Sacroiliac joints block to relieve back pain

The sacroiliac joint connects your scrum with your hipbones at the base of your spine. The force of a car collision can injure your sacroiliac joint and cause serious pain, numbness, and weakness. The condition can also limit your mobility and result in shooting pain into your legs. A therapeutic SI joint injection may be used to block the pain so you can concentrate on healing.

Chiropractic care

A car crash administers a violent blow to your body. The extreme impact can send your spine out of alignment, which can lead to immediate pain and long-range health problems. Chiropractic treatment can realign the spine and may help you avoid surgery.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy can help you rebuild muscle strength after an injury and maintain flexibility and range of motion. In some cases, a physical therapist may also be necessary to work with you on coordination and fine motor skills affected by your auto accident injuries.

Recover damages so you can get the non-surgical medical care you need after a car crash

You may opt for non-surgical treatment after your accident, but you want to be sure your auto insurance will cover your bills. Fort Worth personal injury lawyer Bill Berenson advocates for compensation for nonsurgical treatments your doctor recommends. Schedule an appointment with Berenson Injury Law to discuss your claim. Your case evaluation is free and, because we handle your claim under our contingency fee plan, you can pursue your rights risk-free.

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