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Disregarding stop signs and stoplights is the most common moving violation. This reckless conduct is also the most common cause of accidents, accounting for 22 percent of all collisions. 39 percent of people involved in red light accidents suffer injuries. Red light runners were responsible for 709 deaths and 126,000 injuries in 2014. Considering the repercussions, running a red light is indefensible. Yet, a recent study found that drivers run red lights approximately 3.2 times per hour. At this rate, your chances of being hit at an intersection by a red light runner are high.

Founded in 1982, Berenson Injury Law focuses exclusively on car crash recovery for victims of Dallas-Fort Worth area accidents. Our Texas Board certified personal injury lawyer is experienced in deconstructing accident scenes and reviewing facts to determine what happened and who is liable.

The act of running a red light or stop sign is prima facie evidence of fault, meaning the defendant must prove he was not negligent, rather than you having to prove he was. Therefore, we investigate who had the right of way at the time of the crash. We may view red light cameras and other nearby videos that show the location of each vehicle in relation to the color of the traffic signal. We also may subpoena transportation records that show signal timing.

Rear-End Collisions at Intersections

A yellow light alerts you to the red light that will follow so you have time to slow down and stop safely. Unfortunately, many drivers instead consider a yellow light as a signal to speed up before the light turns red. A rear-end collision may occur if you obey the law while the driver behind you tries to beat the light.

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T-Bone Crashes at Intersections

You have the right of way to enter the intersection when the light turns green or upon ensuring that the coast is clear after completely stopping at a stop sign. You do not expect a car to blaze out of nowhere, which makes T-bone crashes particularly dangerous. Broadside accidents also commonly occur when the at-fault driver rolls through the stop sign instead of coming to a complete stop as required.

Fault is not always cut and dry in T-bone collisions. The question is who had the right to occupy the space. The answer is not always the vehicle that was hit. For example, you may have had the right of way when a speeding car unlawfully cut across your path. Although you have a duty to avoid a collision if possible, you may not be able to stop in time. This becomes particularly problematic if you are riding a motorcycle and risk skidding and laying down your bike if you attempt to slam on your brakes.

Risks of Right on Red in Texas

Texas law allows drivers to make a right turn on red. However, the driver is required to look first and yield to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians before turning. Overgrown hedges, parked cars and other obstructions can impede the driver’s ability to see approaching cars, bikes or pedestrians. However, blocked vision is no excuse. The turning driver bears the duty to watch for traffic and to take extra precautions to overcome impediments.

An improper right on red turn could put the at-fault driver squarely in the path of a fast-moving motorist who has the right of way. A right turning driver has a heightened responsibility if moving across a sidewalk or crosswalk. Although the turning driver is moving slowly, a pedestrian or bicyclist risks severe injuries if struck.

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You are entitled to compensation if the at-fault driver ran a red light or a stop sign. To learn more about your rights, schedule a free consultation with Berenson Injury Law by calling 817-885-8000 or filling out our online appointment form. Our accident lawyer handles your claim on contingency, which means that if you do not win your case, you do not owe any attorney’s fee or expenses, so there is no risk in calling.

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