An 81 year old Hurst man, James Cantrell, was fatally injured Tuesday afternoon on Davis Boulevard in North Richland Hills after the car he a passenger in crashed into another car, North Richland Hills police said.

His wife, driving the couple’s Toyota, was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

The Toyota was northbound on Davis when it and a southbound BMW collided. The driver of the BMW fortunately only sustained minor injuries.

Any time now that I hear about a crash involving a Toyota, my first thought now is that it might have been caused due to sudden acceleration. As with any wreck involving recalled vehicles, special care must be taken to preserve evidence for a possible lawsuit against the Toyota Corporation. As I discussed in previous blog posts, beginning with this one, I am evaluating Toyota crashes to determine whether defective electronic modules or other vehicle flaws were to blame.

If you have been hurt as a result of a defective vehicle, especially a Toyota or Lexis, please call me immediately at 817-885-8000.

Toyota has top lawyers working for them. Shouldn’t you?