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More Reasons to Hire Berenson Injury Law

My homepage lists 8 great reasons to hire my firm. Here are 13 MORE reasons to hire me to represent you on your motor vehicle claim.

  1. Regular Status Reports. It is important to note that claims and cases often develop over time as we obtain additional information. As a result, if you retain my services, I will periodically update you on the status of your claim and advise you of any changes in my evaluation and assessment. I will work with you to make sure that we explore all facts which may affect the value of your claim.
  2. Fight for You. I will investigate and pursue your claim. I have extensive experience and training in dealing with insurance companies, and I will use this experience to attempt to enhance the amount of any settlement for you by ensuring that all evidence supporting your claim is presented in the most favorable light. If it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit, I am an experienced trial lawyer and we will present your claim to a jury.
  3. Experience Dealing With Insurance Companies. I am accustomed to negotiating and dealing with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters are trained to do what they can to minimize your claim and pay you as little as possible. If you hire me, I will make sure insurance companies don’t take advantage of you or try to force you to accept an unfair settlement. Insurance adjusters working for the at-fault party often contact accident victims shortly after the accident, and tell the injured person that the insurance company will “take care of things” and will ask you to just sign a few forms and send in your medical bills. For minor accidents, where you only have very minor injuries, this may be fine. If you are seriously injured, however, and the injuries result in long-term or permanent disabilities, it is important to understand the role of the various insurance companies - your insurance company and the insurance company for the at-fault parties - to make sure your rights are protected. Don’t sign or agree to anything without at least first consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance companies know that by contacting a person who has been involved in an accident early in the process, they can put pressure on you to settle prematurely and make ill-advised decisions regarding your claim. By retaining my services, I will ensure you make educated and informed decisions about your claim and that you understand your rights. If you would like an experienced DFW area personal injury attorney to review and evaluate your potential claim, please contact me to schedule a free initial case evaluation. Under certain circumstances, you may also have a claim with (uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist or personal injury protection coverage) or against your own insurance company, and I can help you work through the terms of your insurance policy and understand your rights under Texas law to ensure that you don’t leave any stone unturned as part of our effort to maximize your recovery.
  4. Experienced Staff. My experienced staff will work with you to collect all information and records (including medical records, employment records, insurance information, damage estimates and other important records) to best support and maximize your claim. They will assist me in collating and organizing your records so that I can present your claim in a clear and easy to understand fashion, which will ensure that the insurance adjuster has a complete picture of your injuries and damages relating to your personal injury claim.
  5. Sorting out the Complicated Legal Issues. In almost every personal injury case, there will be legal issues to address. These will range from disputed liability to challenging proximate cause issues where the injured person has the burden of proving that certain damages were caused by the accident and not some other cause. I am an experienced trial lawyer and I have the ability and resources to address these issues. If necessary, I will pursue your case all the way through trial.
  6. Objective Case Evaluation and Analysis. It is easy to get emotional and want to lash out at the insurance company and the person or company who caused your injuries. I will help you by providing an objective evaluation of your claims, so that you can make sound and reasonable decisions. I will help you estimate the reasonable value of your claims, based on my experience and research.
  7. Experts. I have an extensive network of medical, scientific and legal experts that I have worked with in the past. We will retain or consult with these experts to help support and maximize your claim as necessary. This may include medical experts to offer opinions about your injuries including causation, diagnoses, treatment options, future medical expenses and whether any of your injuries may have resulted in a permanent partial disability. If appropriate for your case, I will also consult with accident reconstruction specialists, engineers, bio-mechanics experts, economists and other medical or scientific experts to help fully evaluate and pursue your claims.
  8. Answering your Questions. If you have any questions about your claim, I am happy to talk you through these issues.
  9. Review of your Medical Treatment. I have extensive experience reviewing medical records and information, and my office will ensure that the important aspects of your treatment and diagnoses, including treatment codes and disability ratings, are highlighted and brought to the attention of the insurance adjuster.
  10. Legal Research. If your case involves challenges regarding proving liability or damages, I am well-versed in Texas law on these issues and will also conduct legal research on your specific case to make sure that your interests are protected.
  11. Depositions. If your case proceeds to litigation, the defense will most likely request your deposition. This is where the defendant’s attorney (typically appointed by defendant’s insurance company) will ask you questions under oath about you and your claims. This process can be intimidating, but I will help you prepare for your deposition and work with you to make sure you are as prepared as possible. For an experienced DFW area personal injury attorney who can help you through this process, contact me for a free consultation and initial case evaluation.
  12. Toll Free Telephone Number. You can call me toll free from around the country at 1-888-801-8585.
  13. Breakdown of Recovery. If we receive a settlement or verdict, you will receive a detailed itemized accounting of all expenses and legal fees, so that you can see exactly what is getting paid and how much money you will receive.
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