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The dangers of a left turn are not confined to just motorcyclists, but to operators of all types of vehicles. 40 percent of all traffic accidents happen in intersections, which accounts for 2.5 million collisions annually. In more than half of intersection crashes, somebody was making a left turn.

However, motorcyclists face even greater risks of being hit in an intersection accident. More than one-third of motorcycle collisions happen when either the biker or the motorist makes a left turn at an intersection.

Berenson Injury Law advocates for the rights of motorcyclists to share the road safely and to recover the maximum possible damages if injured in a crash. Our attorney has been Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law since 1994 and has close to four decades of experience with complicated motorcycle accident collision claims. We have a track record of six and seven figure awards for such catastrophic injuries as brain damage, spinal damage, amputations and compound fractures that are common in motorcycle crashes.

The Dynamics of a Left-Turn Collision

The moment a car crosses your path at an intersection is filled with danger. You risk t-boning the vehicle or being slammed into. If you slam on your brakes, you may drop your motorcycle.

Unfortunately, many motorists fail to understand the unique dynamics of motorcycles that contribute to intersection collisions, including

  • The motorcycle requires a longer stop distance
  • The bike may be travelling faster than perceived
  • The bike’s smaller size decreases visibility at greater distances
  • The motorist believes she can beat the rider through the intersection

Facts that further increase the risk of a collision include speeding, alcohol, distraction and failure to warn. For example, the vision, judgment and depth perception of a drunk driver is severely impaired by the alcohol. Likewise, a motorcycle travelling 55 mph has come the length of a football field closer in the 4.6 seconds the driver has taken his eyes off the road to look at his text message.

Conversely, the motorcyclist may not see a speeding driver blazing through the intersection, nor be able to anticipate that the vehicle is turning if the signal was not activated.

The layout of the road also may be a contributing factor. A road without designated turn lanes may create confusion about what other drivers are doing. In addition, shrubs, barricades and structures may block field of vision for both drivers.

Millions recovered for our clients over the past 40 years

Investigating a Motorcycle Intersection Collision

Intersection crashes are particularly complex. Often both parties had the right away and broke no laws when crossing through the intersection. To prove fault, our firm determines who was legally entitled to occupy the given space and which driver had the last clear chance to avoid the collision.

On the first point, we reconstruct the collision to show that you had the right to be in the intersection at the time and that the driver had a duty to wait for you to pass before entering the intersection.

On the second matter, we demonstrate that the driver had the last opportunity to take an evasive action.

To build a strong case, our firm conducts a meticulous investigation, which includes analyzing debris scatter, vehicle damage and other evidence as to the angle and speed at which the vehicles collided. We review phone records for indications of texting while driving and investigate evidence of fatigue and intoxication.

We also scour the immediate area for video cameras that may have captured the moments leading up to or during the collision. Time is of the essence because, although ubiquitous in business districts and outside residential communities, video may be taped over, hidden, or destroyed if not obtained quickly.

Get the Help You Need After a Motorcycle Intersection Collision in Dallas-Fort Worth

You deserve compensation for the injuries you sustained because the negligent driver failed to take precautions while making a left turn at an intersection. Consult with our Dallas-Fort Worth motorcycle crash lawyer at Berenson Injury Law at a free consultation. Our contingency fee plan allows you to pursue your rights without shouldering additional financial stress.

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