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Lane Change Accidents

Every motorcyclist has experienced the terrifying moment when a car suddenly pulls dangerously close or darts in front of the bike. If you are lucky you can stop safely before running into the back of the vehicle or avoid being forced off the road. If you do drop your bike or collide with the vehicle, you are at risk of catastrophic injuries.

Berenson Injury Law has represented injured motorcyclists for close to 40 years. Our accident attorney has tremendous respect for the men and women who ride motorcycles and advocates for their rights to share the road.

Improper lane change is one of the most common scenarios Berenson Injury Law encounters in motorcycle collisions. A driver’s inappropriate lane change may involve lane drift, not signaling the lane change, crowding the motorcycle, or cutting too close to the motorcyclist.

We understand the unique characteristics of motorcycle accidents and have experience investigating and proving these claims, a position that helps us recover the full damages you deserve.

Motorist’s Failure to See the Motorcyclist is No Excuse

Motorcyclists have as much right to be on the road as any driver. Yet, motorists often do not consider the unique visibility and maneuverability of motorcycles to the detriment of riders.

A common refrain after hitting a motorcyclist is I didn’t see him or he came out of nowhere. Although these comments are offered as defenses, our firm proves them to be admissions of fault.

Motorcycles are small and, thus, more likely to enter a vehicle’s blind spot. However this fact does not excuse a motorist from taking appropriate precautions before switching lanes. The motorist has a duty to carefully scan the adjoining lane and to check blind spots in particular. If the motorist did not see you, then the motorist failed to adequately fulfill this duty.

Why Lane Change Accidents Occur

Drivers constantly move in and out of various lanes of traffic, often for good reason. For example, a street closure or stalled vehicle may require traffic to merge. Alternatively, a vehicle may need to pull into an adjoining lane to turn or reach an exit ramp. The motorist may also need to pull into traffic upon making a turn or entering a highway.

But more often, the driver is in a hurry and suddenly cuts over to speed around another vehicle. And tired, distracted or drunk drivers can make this common maneuver particularly dangerous to motorcyclists.

Motorists attempt to blame everything but themselves, from the road design to the motorcycle’s size or their own vehicle’s capabilities. But, a lane change crash does not occur except for human error.

Our auto accident attorney conducts a full investigation to discover what that error was. We visit the scene, review police reports, reconstruct the accident and depose witnesses to understand what happened and who is to blame. Commonly, the motorist has

  • Failed to adequately check all blind spots before switching lanes
  • Failed to check side and rearview mirrors or had them positioned incorrectly
  • Relied upon a dashboard system that did not capture the rider in the car’s blind spot
  • Maneuvered across several lanes of traffic at one time
  • Forgotten to signal the turn to alert the motorcyclist of the impending lane change
  • Drifted into the adjoining lane due to distraction, such as texting or cell phone use
  • Fallen asleep, briefly nodded off or was otherwise affected by fatigue
  • Been intoxicated by drugs or alcohol
  • Changed lanes despite poor visibility on turns
  • Slid into the adjacent lane when driving too fast in inclement weather

The bottom line is that you have the right to be on the road and deserve compensation from your insurance company and the motorist who ran into you.

Learn More the Rights of Motorcyclists After a Dallas-Fort Worth Auto Accident

Berenson Injury Law represents motorcyclists who were injured during a lane change collision. Our Dallas-Fort Worth motorcycle crash lawyer proves the driver’s liability and the damages you deserve. We offer you a free consultation and handle your claim on contingency to relieve the financial stress of pursuing your legal rights to compensation.

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