Texas Auto Injuries Without Insurance

Getting quality medical care after an accident is costly, even if you have decent insurance. If you do not have health insurance or you have a high deductible and co-pays, an auto accident can be financially devastating, or worse, may deter you from getting the medical care you need.

Money should not stop you from getting medical care for your injuries. But what are your options without health insurance to pay for it? Berenson Injury Law has helped Texans in your position for more than 40 years. Attorney Bill Berenson exclusively concentrates on auto accident recovery and knows how to handle challenging situations, including uninsured health insurance cases and those with high deductibles.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth law firm has also built a strong professional network of health care providers in the region that are available to see patients based upon an agreement with our firm to accept future payment. Our goal is to get you the medical care you need now while we pursue your rightful compensation from the at-fault driver and other available sources.

You cannot wait for treatment until your case has settled

Your case could take months to settle and you may not have the cash to pay out of pocket. However you need to present medical records to prove your injuries and damages to successfully settle you claim. This catch-22 is only part of the dilemma.

Waiting to get medical care could make your injuries worse, a fact that the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company may seize upon to claim your inaction exacerbated your injuries. Another insurance company tactic is to delay settlement to force you to take less money so you can pay for care you need right now. Most important, you should not have to wait for crucial medical treatment for injuries caused by a negligent driver.

In addition, our auto crash attorney advises against settling before you have finished your medical treatment. The course of care and your body’s response are unpredictable. You may need longer and more intense treatments. You may encounter complications. Upon reaching your maximum improvement, you may have greater disabilities than your doctor anticipated. You may be out of work for much longer than you originally thought or incur substantially higher expenses for your care. Once you settle, you will sign a release and waive the right to recoup further costs.

Backing you into a corner would be unfair. Attorney Berenson corrects this inequity through various devices including letters of protection.

Millions recovered for our clients over the past 40 years

Using a letter of protection to get medical care during case pendency

Health care providers generally will not treat patients that do not have health insurance or the money in hand to pay for it. For a minor injury, you could pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However this is not a realistic option for serious crashes involving moderate to severe injuries.

To ensure you receive timely medical care, our auto accident firm issues a letter of protection (LOP) agreement. The letter explains that you have retained an attorney and that we are negotiating a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Through the LOP, our firm agrees to pay your doctors, clinics, labs, specialists, and other health care providers the money they are owed upon conclusion of your claim.

The letter of protection has a similar effect as our contingency fee arrangement to cover your attorney’s fees. Under our contingency fee policy, you do not pay attorneys’ fees until we recover damages for you. In much the same way, the LOP secures crucial medical care when you need it and allows you to pay your bills when your case is over.

Get the medical care you need now for injuries sustained in a Dallas-Fort Worth accident

Attorney Bill Berenson cares about his clients. He can help you get medical care immediately even if you do not have health insurance or have a high deductible. Schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your case with our Dallas-Fort Worth law firm. Your first consultation is free and we handle your claim under our contingency fee plan, which allows you to not to pay any attorney’s fees or expenses until we have recovered damages for you.

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