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Driving along Texas’s congested high-speed highways can be a harrowing experience. Ever driver can be nervous with the speeding cars, huge semis, heavy traffic, scattered road debris and angry drivers. These common conditions put you at substantial risk of a serious accident on I-35, I-30, I-20, I-45, 635, 820, the Bush Turnpike, and all of our many other highways in North Texas.

Berenson Injury Law has represented auto accident victims involved in high-speed highway crashes and multi-vehicle pileups for close to four decades. We have substantial experience in handling complex crash scenarios that involve complicated facts and multiple defendants and plaintiffs.

Excessive Speed

Higher speeds cause greater risk of deaths and serious injuries. Each mile per hour speed limit increase corresponds directly to an increase in traffic fatalities. The Texas Department of Transportation made the frustrating decision to increase posted speed limits on many of our highways. Speed limits may now be as high as 80 mph in some parts of Texas and 70 to 75 mph on most other Texas highways. Many drivers far surpass these posted speed limits, further enhancing the dangerous conditions.

Traffic Jams

Texas has the fastest growing population in the country. Nearly one-half million people moved to the state between 2015 and 2016. Close to 7.5 million people now live in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area. New residents bring more vehicles to our state’s roads, yet the Texas highways system has not kept pace. The resulting traffic jams are not just a nuisance to residents, but also a safety hazard. Traffic generally slows with more cars. Drivers may not have time to brake upon approaching unexpected bottlenecks. Frustrated drivers are also more likely to engage in dangerous speeding, tailgating and road rage behavior.


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Tailgating is always dangerous. But, high speeds drastically increase the risks that a tailgating car will cause a catastrophic crash. Should you need to suddenly slow down to avoid hitting road debris or a disabled car, the tailgating driver may be unable to brake in time to avoid colliding with you.


Texas is a major commercial transportation hub, with thousands of tractor-trailers hauling products between Mexico and the United States. The oil industry adds hundreds more 18-wheelers that carry toxic materials to and from the fields. Getting stuck behind or alongside one of these massive trucks on the highway can be unnerving. After all, an accident involving an 18-wheeler is almost always catastrophic, in part because your car is substantially smaller and lighter than the truck. At high speed, death is almost certain.

Road Debris and Highway Design

Road debris is a common sight on Texas highways. Shredded tires, tree branches, metal objects blown from construction trucks and even household goods dumped carelessly by residents litter the highway, creating a dangerous high-speed obstacle course.

Road debris was responsible for 200,000 accidents and 500 deaths during a recent four-year period. Businesses and individuals that drop these items on the roadway are liable for these accidents. The TxDOT and city agencies are also responsible for maintaining clean debris highway conditions. Our firm is skilled at tracking down companies responsible for littering the highway and holding them accountable for their negligence. We also have substantial experience in lawsuits against municipal and government agencies that failed to perform their duties.

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Multi-Vehicle Crashes

High speeds and heavy traffic are the perfect ingredients for a multi-vehicle pileup. Even a minor single car crash or one broken down car can trigger a chain reaction as vehicles approach the unexpected slowdown. Rubberneckers, often armed with cell phone cameras, add to this recipe for a catastrophic accident.

Multi-vehicle accidents are particularly complex because of the numbers of parties involved. We recommend filing your claims as soon as possible. Insurance policies have a limit per accident that may be quickly reached when several people were injured in the crash. Our firm acts quickly against every person who may have contributed to the crash to maximize the damages you receive.

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