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FAQs About Accident Recovery in Dallas-Fort Worth
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An auto accident is not an everyday occurrence. Therefore, you likely have many questions as to your rights to compensation and what you need to do now. Bill Berenson has more than 35 years of experience recovering damages for accident victims. He answers the most frequently asked questions below and offers you a free consultation to discuss your claim in more detail.

1. Will my case go to trial?

We settle most auto accident claims. However, our attorney’s reputation as a formidable trial lawyer helps to push settlement amounts higher because opposing counsel knows we are willing and able to effectively litigate a claim if our client does not reach the settlement she deserves.

2. How Long Will My Case Take?

To reach the maximum possible settlement, we thoroughly investigate your claim to determine who is liable and the full extent of your damages. A complete investigation generally takes several months. Litigation takes longer, an issue we discuss with you if we recommend trial. We diligently move your case forward as we collect such crucial evidence as medical reports, medical bills, property damage estimates and wage statements to prove fault and damages.

3. What are the “Standards of Representation and How Does Berenson Injury Law Measure Up?

Lawyers take an oath to abide by the highest ethical and professional standards. This high standard is our priority at Berenson Injury Law. Our auto accident attorney has almost four decades of experience, is Texas Board Certified in personal injury law and exclusively practices auto injury recovery in Dallas-Fort Worth. We equip our office with the latest technology to remain up-to-date on the latest investigative techniques and to deliver efficient, quality service. Everything we do is designed to provide the highest standards of representation at reasonable costs.

4. What is Lawyer-Client Confidence?

Attorney-client privilege means that all communication between you and your attorney remains completely private and confidential.

5. Why Does It Matter That Bill Berenson is a Texas Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney?

Choosing an attorney can be an overwhelming decision. A Texas Board Certified attorney completes an intensive application process that includes a comprehensive examination, proof of meeting a high level of experience and skills, and referrals from other lawyers. Of the more than 100,000 lawyers licensed in the state, only 7,300 are certified by the The Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 23 practice areas.



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6. Won’t the Insurance Company Look Out for my Best Interests?

Insurance companies are businesses with the objective of making a profit. The agent, therefore, has every incentive to reduce the amount of compensation you receive. Conversely, our lawyer took an oath to represent your best interests, which means obtaining the maximum possible settlement for you.

7. Can your Firm Help me Reduce my Medical Bills?

Especially with today’s skyrocketing health care costs, medical bills can pile up. We may be able to negotiate with your health care providers to reduce or forgive bills that exceed the limit of your insurance.

8. Will You Keep Me Informed About my Cases?

Our law firm emphasizes candid and open communication. Your attorney responds quickly to your questions and lets you know whenever there is a new development in your case.

9. What if I Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

You can always afford Berenson Injury Law. First, your consultation is free, so you can learn whether you have a valid claim. Next, our firm handles your claim on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not owe any attorneys’ fees until we recover damages for you. Therefore, there is no risk for you to pursue your legal rights. We explain the billing process to you at your free consultation so you know what to expect.

10. How do I Make an Appointment and What are Your Office Hours?

Our normal office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We accommodate your schedule whenever possible. If attorney Bill Berenson is in court or preparing another case, he will return your call as soon as possible. For routine matters, our friendly, professional staff is available.






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