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Rental Car Accidents

An auto accident is a frightening event. Being far from home at the time can make the experience all the more difficult. If you were in a rental car when you crashed, you also face a more complicated damages recovery process.

Berenson Injury Law can help you. Our Dallas-Fort Worth-based law firm exclusively handles auto accident claims in North Texas and often represents individuals who were injured while visiting our community from out of state.

Will Your Insurance Cover You?

Before relying upon your insurance policy to cover you in a rental car, we recommend you read your policy carefully or talk to your agent. Most high quality insurance policies do offer full coverage, but some policies contain exclusion clauses that limit coverage for out-of-state crashes and for rental vehicles.

Many credit card companies offer coverage if you pay using its credit card. However, this perk may not provide sufficient coverage. For example, the credit card company may only pay for damage to the rental car, not for injuries or damages to other vehicles, which can expose you to considerable liability should you be found at fault. The company might also not cover your emergency care and medical expenses arising from the accident.

Our auto accident attorney assists you in obtaining the most possible compensation from your insurance policies and other sources. We effectively overcome challenging issues to recover the payments you are entitled to.


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Rental Car Insurance

Rental car companies offer temporary policies to customers for an additional fee. This insurance is especially necessary if your personal auto policy does not adequately cover you. However, as with your own insurance carrier, your rental car policy likely contains exceptions. Most notably, you might not be covered while another driver in your party takes the wheel, so you should always read the policy carefully and ask questions before pulling out of the rental car lot.

Rental Company Liability

In addition to insurance, you may have a valid cause of action against the rental car company. The company is responsible for maintaining its fleet in good condition and is liable for damages caused by defects it knew or should have known about. Unfortunately, you cannot look under the hood or do your research as you would when buying a car and must instead rely upon the agent’s guarantees.

Fortunately, regulations that became effective in 2016 require rental car companies to repair vehicles under recall. Whereas this legislation was an important step, rental car companies often skimp on costly upkeep and repairs of defects that are not under recall.

In cases in which an unmaintained vehicle is a factor in the accident, our firm retains experts to perform a full inspection of the vehicle. We can obtain an emergency injunction to prevent the rental car company from making post-accident repairs or disposing of the crashed vehicle, which can irretrievably destroy crucial evidence. We prove that the rental company was negligent when it rented you an unsafe vehicle.

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Helping Out of State Residents with a Texas PI Claim

An out-of-state court case offers additional challenges to an already difficult situation. Having the right counsel can make all the difference in the world. Berenson Injury Law has refined our practices and procedures during our close to 40 years of representing car crash victims. We have the exceptional knowledge and extensive resources to prove your claim. Equally important, we are communicative and accessible so you know what is happening with your case, even if you are hundreds of miles away. We have also adopted the newest technologies to aid in confidential transmission of documents and seamless implementation of the discovery process. Our goal is to recover the maximum possible damages for you while shouldering the burden of the legal process so you can concentrate on your physical recovery.

Learn More About Recovering After a Rental Car Crash in Dallas-Fort Worth

A rental car accident has an additional layer of challenges that our Dallas-Fort Worth auto accident lawyer can help you overcome. Berenson Injury Law offers you a free consultation and represents you on contingency, so there is no risk to pursue your legal rights.

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