Broken Bones

The bones of the human body are incredibly strong. However the human skeleton cannot withstand the violent impact of a car collision. Broken bones are one of the most common types of injuries in wrecks involving trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Fort Worth-based Berenson Injury Law has focused solely on auto accident recovery since its founding in 1982. Because of this laser, our firm has developed an extensive body of knowledge about proving complex injury damages. Our Texas Board Certified Personal Injury Trial lawyer negotiates high dollar settlements that have earned him membership in the Multi-million Dollar Advocates Forum and other prestigious legal organizations. If you sustained a bone fracture during your crash, we will fight to help you recover the maximum possible damages.

How fractures occur during an automobile accident

Practically every bone in the body is vulnerable to fracture during a vehicle collision. The most common bones to break are those of the face, clavicle, arms, wrists, fingers, ribs, pelvis, legs, knees, and ankles which may be injured in a number of ways including:


  • Crush injuries. The body of the car may buckle inward during a serious collision, especially when hit by larger 18-wheelers, SUVs or pickup trucks. Airbags may cushion the blow, but often not enough in a high-impact crash that compromises the body of the vehicle.
  • Entrapment injuries. Your limbs are exposed on a motorcycle and many smaller vehicles and consequently placed at a high risk of entrapment with the ground or another vehicle. This type of crush injury can result in multiple severe fractures, usually to a leg or arm.
  • Ejection. Even in a relatively low-speed crash, motorcyclists are likely to be thrown from your motorcycle onto the hard pavement. Even unrestrained passengers and motorcyclists who wear a helmet may nonetheless risk skull fracture and resulting brain damage if their head hits concrete.
  • Partial ejection. Partial ejection occurs when part of your body is outside the car during a rollover crash. This type of crush injury typically involves a hand or arm, but may cause multiple fracture injuries to the upper torso to an unrestrained occupant who falls partly outside the vehicle.
  • Bracing injuries. Your natural reaction might be to grip the steering wheel to steady yourself during a wreck. However bracing can put extreme pressure on the small bones of the hands and wrists and cause neck, shoulder, arm, and hand injuries.
  • Being hit by a vehicle. Even during a low-speed crash, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists are at risk of suffering multiple broken bones from the impact with the vehicle or upon being thrown and hitting the road or a hard object.

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Treatments for broken bones

The type of treatment you receive for a broken bone depends upon the type, severity, and location of the break. Prompt, quality medical treatment is crucial to recovery.

A vertebral fracture exposes the underlying spinal cord nerves to permanent damage. Severely broken cervical vertebrae may lead to tetraplegia and a break to the lumbar vertebrae may cause paraplegia. To minimize the risk of paralysis, a patient with a vertebra fracture is often immobilized during the healing process and may have to undergo invasive surgery followed by intensive rehabilitation.

A comminuted fracture, in which the bone splinters in multiple pieces, is difficult to treat. Typical immobilization devices, such as casts and splints are insufficient. Instead, patients generally must endure open surgery to repair the bone with metal screws and plates.

A compound fracture, in which the bone protrudes through the skin, also requires surgery and implantation of metal devices. In addition, this type of break causes an open wound that may expose a patient to infection.

Mr. Berenson makes sure you get the care you need while we negotiate your settlement. He and his staff help you get immediate relief while also considering the lifelong damages you may suffer as a result of your broken bones.

Recover for bone fractures after a Dallas-Fort Worth accident

Dallas-Fort Worth auto accident attorney Bill Berenson negotiates an equitable settlement for your injuries. Schedule your free case evaluation to discuss your rights to damages for broken bones and other vehicular crash injuries. So you can pursue your claim without upfront expense or risk, we pursue your legal case on contingency.

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