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Allstate claims, “You’re in good hands.” The company’s logo shows a pair of hands reaching forward as though ready to help. The truth is that humans play only a small role in deciding how much compensation you should receive for your injuries.

Allstate is a mammoth insurance company that covers 16 million households nationwide and has $104.7 billion in assets. Allstate’s stocks are highly rated; good news for its investors, but not necessarily for its policyholders.

Berenson Injury Law has dealt with large auto insurance companies every day for more than 40 years. We understand their tactics and have refined our own methods for negotiating the maximum possible settlement. As a Texas Board of Legal Specialization certified personal injury trial attorney, Fort Worth auto accident attorney Bill Berenson has a proven track record of litigation success. At Berenson Injury Law, you truly are in good hands.

A Computer, Not a Human, Makes the Decisions

In the past, a group of experienced adjusters discussed claims in roundtable sessions to determine fair payments. A real person, with a conscious, made a decision. Allstate replaced the subjective human with a machine that calculates the value of your claim. You may talk to a friendly agent, but the computer ultimately makes the decision.

Appropriately called Colossus, the computer software came under fire for producing lowball estimates. The computer system bases its estimates on the value of past crash scenarios and injuries, a system that on its face may appear to be objective. However, in 2010, Allstate agreed to pay $10 million in a settlement for manipulating the Colossus software by inputting artificially low values at the outset. Future low estimates were, thus, calculated using these manipulated formulae.

Based in the Fort Worth area, our auto accident attorney has meticulously studied the processes of Allstate and such other insurance giants as GEICO, State Farm and Progressive to refine our approaches to effective negotiations.

Millions recovered for our clients over the past 40 years

What You Need to Know About Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies are corporations with the primary purpose of earning profits. Paying claimants less helps to further that goal. In fact, your insurance agent is trained in minimizing claim payments as much as possible. This holds true for all auto insurance companies, not just Allstate.

Your agent might ask you to give a statement while you are still in shock from the crash or under the influence of painkillers prescribed for your accident-related injuries. He may twist your words and coax you into making comments that hurt your

For example, your agent might begin your conversation with the pleasantry, “How are you doing?” to which you might reasonably answer, “Very well, thank you.” These simple words may be later characterized as you admitted to feeling well.

Do not talk to your insurance company until you have consulted with your lawyer. Fort Worth auto accident lawyer Bill Berenson knows these tactics well and can advise you on protecting yourself and recovering the damages you deserve.

Learn More About Successful Negotiations with Auto Insurance Companies

Have an experienced attorney by your side to negotiate with your auto insurance company for your rightful damages. Berenson injury law offers you a free case evaluation with an auto accident lawyer in Fort Worth, so you have nothing to lose by scheduling an appointment to learn more about your rights. Our no-risk contingency fee arrangement means you do not pay attorneys’ fees unless we win you damages. Call our Dallas-Fort Worth auto accident law firm at 817-885-8000 today.

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