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Accidents on Texas Rural Roads

Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding cities form a large metropolis connected by an web of busy expressways. Commuting on a city’s highways can be a harrowing experience, with speeding drivers whizzing by at some points and stop-and-go traffic jams at others. But as you drive out of these crowded cities, the roads suddenly grow quiet and empty, much of it surrounded by sparsely populated farmland, pastures and oil fields. The solitude and peacefulness belies the fact that rural roads are actually the most deadly, accounting for more than half of highway deaths despite having less than one-quarter of the population.

Berenson Injury Law has been representing Texans injured in car crashes for close to 40 years. Based in Fort Worth, our firm regularly handles claims arising from accidents that occurred on the rural roads in surrounding communities. We understand the unique aspects of rural road accidents and assertively pursue your rights to recovery.

The Dangers on Rural Roads

Texas’s transportation system includes close to 128,000 miles of rural state highways, 50,000 of which are farm-to-market roads. Unless travelling within the Dallas-Fort Worth area or on a major highway, these rural roads make up the vast portion of the North Texas system. Drivers are at heightened risk of accidents on these roads because of

  • Speeding
    Drivers are more apt to speed on rural roads than when within city limits. But many of these roads have sharp curves or are lined with ditches, trees, structures or other hazards that make speeding particularly dangerous.
  • Poor road conditions
    Farm to market roads were originally designed for agricultural purposes, not to accommodate an expanding population of cars and heavy trucks. Many have not been updated in decades and typically receive less maintenance funding then highways in more populated areas. Therefore slick surfaces, worn reflector paint, potholes, and downed signs can contribute to accident risks.
  • Darkness
    Most rural roads have no street lights. A vehicle’s headlights are often the only illumination on long stretches of rural highway. This inadequate light at night reduces visibility considerably and reduces the amount of time a driver can react to an obstacle in the road such as an animal, a person or a disabled vehicle.
  • Fatigue
    One of the top reasons for people crashing on rural roads is being tired. A fatigued driver may nod off while driving down a desolate rural road at night since with no lights and other automobiles, there is little to keep him awake.
  • Drunk driving
    Another top reason people wreck on rural roads is alcohol. Drunk drivers may believe that driving on a rural road is safer or that he is less likely to get pulled over. However, drunk driving is never safe in any location or situation.

Millions recovered for our clients over the past 40 years

Head-on Collisions on Rural Roads

A head-on collision is twice as likely on a rural road as on an urban road. This statistic is significant because head-on collisions have a high rate of fatalities. While only two percent of traffic crashes are head-on, this type of crash causes 10 percent of all traffic deaths. Those who survive typically sustain severe injuries, including burns, brain damage and paralysis.

Rural roads create the prefect condition for a head-on collision. Many rural roads are two lanes of opposite travelling traffic divided only by a centerline or a shallow median strip. Most head-on rural road crashes involve a speeding, tired, drunk and/or distracted driver who veers into oncoming traffic. With no barrier to stop him, the driver collides head-on with an oncoming vehicle.

Time is of the essence to treat patients, especially those who are bleeding heavily. Compounding the repercussions of crashing on a rural road, emergency responders will take much longer to reach these accident victims and rural hospitals are often not equipped to handle serious injuries.

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