Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

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Commercial vehicle claims are typically complex because of the nature of the accidents and the enterprises responsible. First, injuries tend to be worse when a commercial vehicle hits a passenger car. In addition, commercial vehicles are often owned by corporations, which are often better funded and lawyered up.

Berenson Injury Law has 37 years of experience representing victims in commercial vehicle accident claims. We negotiate the maximum possible damages in claims involving commercial vehicles, including tractor-trailers, heavy construction equipment, delivery vans, sanitation vehicles, fire trucks and buses. If the corporate defendant and its insurance company refuse to agree to an equitable settlement, our Fort Worth trucking accident lawyer is prepared to argue for justice before the jury.

Why Commercial Vehicle Crashes Are Catastrophic

Commercial vehicles are difficult to operate and require a heightened level of skill, experience, training and attention. When inexperienced, reckless and distracted drivers make mistakes, the consequences are often catastrophic, resulting in critical injuries and deaths. This is because commercial vehicles are larger and heavier than passenger cars. When a car and a commercial vehicle collide, the smaller, lighter car bears more of the force of impact, and thereby puts its occupants at greater risk of injuries.

Driver error is a factor in about one-third of commercial vehicle collisions, but the corporation shares in the liability whenever its driver makes a mistake. A trucking accident lawyer in Fort Worth can help victims try to hold a corporation accountable for their injuries.

Regulations Governing Commercial Vehicles

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates commercial vehicles, trucking corporations and truck drivers. Corporations may be fined and drivers face license suspension or revocation for violations of these FMCSA rules:

  • Hours of service laws (HOS) restrict a driver’s drive time and work time and mandates rest breaks. Drivers are required to keep a logbook to record hours worked, hours behind the wheel and time off. These laws help keep tired drivers off the road.
  • No texting rules ban reading and manually entering text into an electronic device while operating a commercial vehicle. Truck drivers are also not allowed to use the Internet, social media or other features of an electronic device.
  • Hands-free mobile phone regulations prohibit cell phone use that involves pushing more than one button to dial or answer a phone while in a seat-belted, fully seated position. Drivers are allowed to use hands-free phone operations that comply with local and state distracted driving laws.
  • Drunk driving legislation sets the upper blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit at .04 for commercial drivers. This BAC equals just about one beer for most men.
  • Drug testing laws require testing of a driver involved in an accident that resulted in injuries, death or property damage and allows testing of a driver suspected of drug use. Drivers also may be subjected to random drug testing.
  • Medical requirements keep drivers with unsafe medical conditions out of service. Drivers must undergo a physical examination and carry their medical card that shows they do not have an illness that interferes with their ability to safely operate a tractor-trailer or a bus.
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